At some point almost all of us have stumbled onto a light emitting device via online or social media which sometimes makes us say, “I must have this…”

We then sometimes find out this product has been out on the market for quite awhile, which in turn may also make us think, “Why am I finding out about this now?! Why hasn’t it gone viral?!”

While there are millions upon millions of commodities available on the market, it’s no wonder why many of them go unnoticed.

I seek to correct the injustice many unsung illumination objects have received, and give them the recognition they deserve.

The exchanging and sharing of useful information is one of the primary functions of the internet. With that said; I seek out lamps and other light producing goods which receive little to no limelight, and conduct thorough product reviews based on in depth research. I search every nook and cranny, leave no stone unturned, and pass my information onto you.

While “try before you buy” is the best way to go, this option isn’t always readily available. The next best thing is to gather as much information possible.

I want to give you the best experience by equipping you with knowledge which helps you make an informed decision on lamps and other illumination objects that you’re interested in.

Do You Want Me to Review a Product?

If you want to know more about a particular lamp or illuminating device which isn’t listed on my site, then provide me with a name, or a link to the product you’re curious about to  I will be happy to conduct a review, and share it with you here!



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